A USEPA-Developed
Program for Assisting the Replacement of Industrial Solvents

PARIS II is a software tool that can design less hazardous solvents without compromising solvent performance. Thanks to its advanced technology and extensive knowledge base, PARIS II makes it easy to design new solvents and identify "green" replacements for solvents currently in use - in hours rather then weeks. Since PARIS II includes chemical data and estimation methods, the user needs to know only the composition of the solvent to be replaced in order to run the program.

PARIS II identifies the composition of a replacement for MEK.

With PARIS II you can:
  • design new solvents for single chemicals or mixtures
  • evaluate solvents for their impact on the air and the environment
  • evaluate solvents for toxicity, health and safety effects
  • match new solvents to existing chemical processes
  • get a ranked list of solvent replacements quickly and easily

PARIS II is unique for its ability to design mixtures when no single compound can meet user specifications. It brings together a set of unique algorithms developed under the leadership of Dr. Heriberto Cabezas of the National Risk Management Research Laboratory, USEPA, Cincinnati Ohio.

A number of important databases are included in PARIS II:

DIPPR Database physical, transport and thermodynamic properties for over 1685 industrial chemicals from the American Institute of Chemical Engineers
UNIFAC programs and over 4000 parameters covering almost all chemical families. This method, developed at the Universitry of Denmark, is used for predicting solubility (activity coefficients) and the chemical properties of mixtures
Eight categories of environmental impact and health & safety data from the EPA and other sources Included are global warming, acid rain, ozone depletion, smog formation , human toxicity (via inhalation/dermal exposure and ingestion), toxicity to aquatic life and terrestrial animals

PARIS II helps to reduce the undesirable effects of chemicals on the workplace and the environment. Chemists research engineers, process engineers, materials scientists, industrial hygienists and other professionals concerned about the impact of industrial solvents will benefit from this powerful tool.

PARIS II is available from Technical Database Services(TDS). Please visit the TDS WebSite to download a Paris II demo and to obtain information about DIPPR and other TDS Numerica software products.

PARIS II Hardware Requirements: A PC with a Pentium or equivalent processor, 32 MB RAM, Windows 95/98/NT and at least 12 MB free disk space.

Acknowledgements: The TDS and PARIS logos and Numerica are trademarks of Technical Database Services, Inc.
The PARIS II program is developed and maintained at the National Risk Management Research Laboratory, US EPA Cincinnati Ohio, in collaboratiopn with TDS. The USEPA does not endorse or approve of any programs.
The PARIS II graphical interface was designed by Subba Nishtala, Environmental Engineer at Research Triangle Institute
UNIFAC has been provided by Dr. Rafiqul Gani of the Computer Aided Process Engineering Center at the Technical University of Denmark.
The Design Institue for Physical Property Data and its Acronym DIPPR are registered trademarks of the American Institue of Chemical Engineers

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