DIPPR/EHS DEMO - Access a demo version of DIPPR/EHS. DIPPR/EHS is a database of physical property data from AIChE DIPPR® Project 801 combined with high quality environmental, health and safety data from the US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA). The DIPPR/EHS Demo version contains the complete dataset of all 2000+ industrially important DIPPR chemicals but searches are restricted to only a small subset of properties allowed for searching. Free access to the DIPPR/EHS Demo Database is now available. Use the Username: FreeDippr2015 and leave the password blank.

REFMIX DEMO - Access the demo version of REFMIX, a database of literature citiations covering the properties of binary and ternary mixtures from the very latest (2015) and going back to 1845. REFMIX is searchable by various chemical identifiers and by thermophysical and other property types. The REFMIX Demo version contains all 10,000+ REFMIX chemicals but does not show the actual citations in the search results (that would be shown in the full version). Free access to the REFMIX Demo Database is now available. Use the Username: FreeRefmix2015 and leave the password blank.